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Vehicles Satellital Tracking

Either you need to track individual vehicles, or fleets, GPSmonitor has some real time satelital tracking solutions. You can visualize the vehicles route, each vehicle tracking solution has different benefits and characteristics.
  • To track Auto, Trucks, Pick Up, Motorcycles
  • To track buses, Cargo
  • To track Fleets
  • To track Trailers, Trailer tracking attachment, Containers, Trains
  • To track Heavy Machinery
  • To track Government Fleets
  • To track boats and jets skis
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Personal Satellital Tracking

By using satelital tracking systems you can locate in real time your belovers people, your employees, services agents, even pets. Having the confidence to locate them in case of dangerous o just to prevent brings security and tranquility. GPSmonitor offer the location with portatil tracking equipment for metropolitam zones. Applications:
  • To track children and teenagers
  • To Locate older and/or dependent people, Alzheimer, senile amnesia, etc.
  • To locate pets
  • To locate employees
  • To track polices
  • VIP people tracking
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Mobiles Tracking

Blackberry & Android

This tracking solution does not requires a GPS equipment, just the mobile device is tracked. This is an individual and enterprise solution.
Companies that have implemented BYOD are 73% more likely to report improved sales and new customer acquisitions, it allows companies to make sure sure that workers are where they’re supposed to be — without having to rely on an in-vehicle GPS or other device
Couple that with geofencing technology, and companies can receive an alert whenever an employee enters or leaves a given area — and if they assign a specific route, they can also make sure an employee gets into and then leaves an area by an appropriate path. All of which, of course, helps both workers and companies be more efficient — and improved efficiency always goes to bottom line, whether we’re talking about field service workers bringing their own devices or not.
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Justice Tracking

GPS Ankle Bracelet

bracelet gps
Utilizes GPS, GPRS, GSM, and SMS technology that provides active continuous monitoring in real time. Our single-device approach allows for increased freedom of movement without losing tracking accuracy.
  • Jail Overcrowding
  • Incarceration costs
  • Pretrial Supervision
  • Gang intervention
  • Tracking Sexual Offenders
  • Work Release Programs
  • Parole Enforcement
  • Juvenile Monitoring
  • Alzheimer’s patients
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